One Month in California!!

I cannot believe that today marks one month in California! The past month has really flown by. I know, cliche much?? It’s true though. Much of this past month has been spent on the road. Between driving an hour to work each way and back and forth between Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside, my car has gotten a lot of miles. Amazingly, I am getting great gas mileage right now! There are trade offs from driving in DC traffic and in the desert, that is for sure!

Speaking of work, my transfer to my new store came through. I am thrilled to be working, at least part time, right now. It gives me the chance to visit civilization a few times a week and also gives me a chance to make a small paycheck while waiting for that dream job to come through. I absolutely love my new store! My coworkers are amazing and my bosses are great! I am getting the chance to learn more in this new store, which I greatly appreciate, but this also comes with some feelings of insecurity. While I transferred to the same brand store, things are vastly different. The layout of the store, back stock, how managers do things, what is expected… The list goes on. At my old store, I knew I was good at my job and got results. Here, not so much. I find myself apologizing for everything and questioning everything I am doing. I am really enjoying my work environment and hope that this feeling will pass.

I also have found a gym! It is in the town I work in, which means I won’t be driving an hour just to work out on my days off, but it does the job for now and it is cheaper than my gym membership in DC. An added bonus is the weather! I have been taking a lot of walks recently. The weather is fabulous and lets me get outside on those days that I am not working and near the gym. I have found it hard to motivate myself to get any intense workouts in since being here. So, I am starting a new run/walk program and a 30 day squat/crunches/push-up challenge today. I am also looking at getting back into strength training in the next few weeks.

The job search continues! I have a few good leads and hopefully will have more good news in the next few months. There was also a fun holiday in LA with some of my amazing girlfriends! It was nice to get away and spend time with people. My next big adventure is figuring out how to get California plates and a California license, which makes me sad.

I leave you with this desert sunset picture taken a few nights ago on one of my walks. Thanks for listening, err reading, about my first month in California.


So, that’s how the first month in California is going.